Our museums remain closed due to COVID-19. While LA County Public Health has entered Phase 3 of the Roadmap to Recovery, allowing for the reopening of museums on June 12, our museums are still slowly welcoming back staff and are in the process of planning for new health and safety protocols in our galleries and gardens. Therefore, we will not be reopening until later in the summer. Sign up here to be the first to know when we will safely re-open to the public and in the meantime, stay connected from home.

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Frozen in Time: Images of Antarctica

See the frigid continent of Antarctica in a new light through the mesmerizing work of award-winning photographer Diane Tuft.

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For many years, we've been adding fuel to the fire.

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Exhibition | NHM
Living Wall

Where stone meets soil.

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Edible Garden

What kinds of edible plants can you grow right here in L.A.?

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Exhibition | NHM
Nature Lab

Live animals and hands-on interactives show you L.A.’s wild side.

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Happy Hour with Dr. Todd Clardy

After-Hours Fellows Special Program Talks
  • 5:30 pm

Join Dr. Todd Clardy, Ichthyology Collections Manager, as he explores the bizarre ecology and biology of the early developmental stages of fish, and the diversity of their adult forms.

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Frozen in Time: Images of Antarctica

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Presents Frozen in Time: Images of Antarctica.