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The Phillipine Lingling-o
A pre-colonial symbol of fertility and virility
Celebrating Asian, Asian American & Pacific Islander Communities
Recognizing the heritage and history of the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities, past and present.
Elephant Hill Community Nature Celebration and Habitat Survey
Join community members and scientists, Saturday, October 14, to celebrate and study nature on Elephant Hill, an open space in North East L.A. valuable to humans and wildlife.
Welcome to the 2023 LA BioBlitz Challenge
Help discover the incredible biodiversity all over Los Angeles!
How Los Angeles Moved Uncomfortably Close to Mountain Wildfires
A look at L.A.'s growth toward wildfires through historic images from the Seaver Center
Smilodon, Saber-Tooths, and Tigers…Oh My!
How Smilodon became saber-toothed tigers—and why they're really saber-toothed cats
Fandom Springs to Life
Mark Langill | Team Historian, Los Angeles Dodgers
Extinction and Survival at La Brea Tar Pits
Groundbreaking new research from La Brea Tar Pits curators finds that in California, 13,000 years ago, huge Ice Age mammals that had roamed the landscape for many millennia, suddenly ceased to exist. The cause? Humans, catastrophic fires, and an ecosystem made vulnerable by climate change.
Wildfire Smoke and Birds
A Q&A with Dr. Olivia Sanderfoot, Director of Project Phoenix
Why Did the Ice Age Titans Go Extinct?
A new study reveals that human impacts in an environment made fire-prone by climate change and herbivore loss led to large mammals vanishing from southern California.