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Reasons to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden With Florence Nishida
Join gardening guru and living L.A. legend Florence Nishida to learn why you, yes YOU, should be growing vegetables.
Edible Garden Fun Facts
Discover the tastiest part of NHM's Nature Garden with Chef Ray Garcia and NHM's former Head Gardener Richard Hayden.
The Fabric of Memory 
Ofelia Esparza and Rosanna Esparza Ahrens | Tonalli Studio
At Arm's Length
Understand deep time by plotting out the history of Earth along your arms!
A New Eatery at NHM
Introducing the Neighborhood Grill by Post & Beam
Geek Out in an Ice Age Daydream
Tar AR brings Ice Age animals back to L.A.
Designing for the Dreamhouse
Carlyle Nuera | Lead Designer, Barbie Signature
Snails, Camera, Action!
SnailBlitz slimes forward until March 31. For the first time, the public will vote on the winning images from April 1–7!
Year of the Rabbit
Celebrate the 2023 Lunar New Year with highlights from the collection
Small Wonders
NHM’s new Scanning Electron Microscope Lab connects guests with big science and tiny specimens.