Amazing Mantids and Untangling the Widow's Web
Two informative videos about some awesome arthopods
Bug Fair Is On
Get a taste of Bug Fair 2020
Bug Out With Us
Those shiny, spiky, and furry creatures zipping and buzzing all around us are glorious beings with interesting bios.
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Nature Comes Home
The results are in! A record number of people participated in City Nature Challenge 2020, mostly exploring in or near their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Meet Our Museum Animals
What the Vertebrate Living Collections team has been up to during the museum's temporary closure, including telemedicine and museum walk-abouts.
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Celebrate Nature With Us!
Take the City Nature Challenge and meet the person who started it all!
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Our Pollinator Meadow
Springs into Bloom
Take a Virtual Tour of Our Nature Gardens
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The Greater Los Angeles
Egg Hunt
What better way to feel the healing powers of nature than celebrating the beginnings of new life while making a valuable contribution to science?
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Explore the Wild Outside
When yards and gardens become more wildlife friendly, the experience can be magical
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Itsy-Bitsy Made Big
Our Insect Expert Trains Her Lens on the Tiny
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