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There Is a Bird

A poem dedicated to the children of the world who will be participating in this year's Great Backyard Bird Count.

Ryder Chapman (age 3 in this photo) helping his family participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Published February 6, 2018

Dedicated to the children of the world who will be participating, February 16-19, in this year's Great Backyard Bird Count.

There is a bird out my window
it takes to the air
then swoops on past me
not scared of my stare

Does it see what I see
as it flies through my yard
while sensing the wind
and adventures afar?

My bird does not know me
but I've seen it before
singing and perching
I like watching it soar

My cat chatters at it
an enemy, he's spied
but that's all he can do
as my cat stays inside

The bird I see daily is only a bird
but as part of my birdwatching list
my bird becomes a data point
for maps and scientists

A scientist could never count
the birds in every yard,
but if we all pitch in from our backyards
the counting isn't hard

When I'm counting birds
I'm a community scientist
you too, can also be one
when you submit your birding list

So I hope you take part
write down your amount
for you, me, and science,
The Great Backyard Bird Count

Visit the website for the Great Backyard Bird Count to learn how you can participate in this year's count: http://gbbc.birdcount.org